Africa - it captures the imagination in so many ways. For some, it holds the clues to the beginnings of mankind, where the earliest signs of our natural history have been discovered.

For some, it represents nature at its most open, where you can still watch a pride of lions beginning to stir at sunset, or can fall asleep to the sounds of elephants trumpeting in the distance.

For some, it represents home - a place where thousands of unique tribal groups, each with its own vibrant, complex and ancient culture, are managing to thrive despite the pressures of war, disease, and minimal economic development.

Whether you've been there yourself or just dream of going one day, there is so much about Africa to treasure, and so much yet to be overcome.

At Beyond the Safari, we want to do what we can to help sustain all that we love about Africa. A viable way for us to do this is to provide the people who live there with opportunities to support themselves. In that spirit, we bring a part of Africa to you, and enable you to bring opportunity to Africa. By shopping with us, you can enjoy unique, hand made products that are a part of everyday African life. At the same time you can feel good about helping to build a more stable African economy. So the next time you are looking for a basket to help organize your home office, or a brightly colored textile to liven up your living room, why not buy one from Beyond the Safari?

We and those we work with in Africa thank you greatly for your support!

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