Why We Started

Beyond the Safari was officially formed in the summer of 2001, but its motivation has been forming in the heart of its founder for many years. How could someone with Economics and Engineering degrees find meaningful work involving and benefitting the people of Africa? So many high-tech "aid" projects seemed large-scale, unsustainable, and costly, with extremely slow payoffs and tremendous price tags. In addition, many seemed to foster a feeling of dependency, rather than empowerment. Similar reservations arose concerning conservation projects - as much as we want to save the last remaining places where many magnificant animals live in ever dwindling numbers, how can we ask Africans to preserve them if they have no alternatives to support themselves?

Several trips to Africa and lots of reflection began to reveal simple answers. First, one should start small, where even the first step can have a positive impact. Second, much of the plan should come from the local people. As one walks down the streets of many African cities, it is not difficult to find people eager to sell you their beautifully made handcrafts. So a simple answer emerged - if we could find markets for these products we would be enabling craftspeople to support themselves, as well as generating profits which could help support wider community and environmental projects.

We're just starting out, but as we grow we'll tell you about the specific artisans with whom we work, where they live, and about their families and culture. We'll also tell you about the specific humanitarian and conservation projects we are able to support, and what personal choices you can make in your own lives back home to help sustain them. So check back with us often to see how far we've come!

How To Reach Us

We can be reached by email at:

or by regular mail at:
Beyond the Safari
35 Allen Street
Arlington, MA 02474

Telephone: (781) 643-2177
Fax: (928) 569-8545

If you have suggestions for products you'd like us to sell, or information you'd like to see on our website, or any other comments, please send us an email - we'd love to hear from you!

If you are an artisan from Africa and would like information on how you can work with us, please send us an email - we'd love to work with you!

Refund Policy:   If you are not fully satisfied with something you've purchased from us, just send us an email informing us of the reason and return the item within 30 days. We will gladly give you a refund.